Welcome To Shree Jagannath ITI

Shree Jagannath ITI is one of the Leading Institute in the field of Technical Education. It has been built up in 2010 by a Group of specialists. The Institute is likewise upheld by some driving modern houses and famous identities to control the Management to coordinate the prerequisite of the Industries and Cope up with the present needs. Its question give researcher to the satisfaction of enormous requests of Industries internationally.Specialized training is helping up and extending its branches. One should not be careless in the wake of achieving and remaining at the platform of a basic instruction rather should try to become wind up distinctly capable in specialized field too. It is absorption of information and torpid capacities which can work ponders and outfit new energies to tame the world loaded with specialized and mechanical headways. ITI Nayagarh an aclaimed establish, it is a part of the education tie to satisfy the requirement of talented artisan for different Industries. We as a whole ought to feel pleased with being connected with ITI, Nayagarh. We as a whole will put our best push to make ITI, Nayagarh one of the best ITIs in India. But only dreaming is not enough, all we have to work hard and put our best. Teach among the staff and students assume a significant part in achieving the goal.

Our Mission

Our Vision


To create an advanced centre of professional learning international standard where pursuit of knowledge and excellence shall reign supreme, unfettered by the barriers of nationality, language, cultural plurality and religion.


The movement we succeed we shall turn out barefoot leaders and entrepreneurs who are committed to the masses and are so urgently needed by the modern business world.


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